Signing online influencers and building their legacy!

Talent Management | Music Production | Brand Marketing

What We Do

Talent Management

Dedicated and trusted Artist/Influencer management. We focus on building energetic and long-term relationships with long-lasting legacies…read more >

Music Production

Record at Phame Studios! Your musical journey is unique. Passionate artist development including: producing, song-writing, mastering, and worldwide distribution…read more >

Brand Marketing

Aggressive and data-backed digital marketing focused on building the Artist/Influencer’s image, brand, and clout. Including e-commerce, brand sponsorships, and merchandise…read more >

About Phame Records

Phame Records is a music label and digital marketing company whose primary purpose is to sign artist, social media talent, and other online influencers and assist them in building their legacy! With each artist/influencer signed, Phame’s intelligent management, aggressive digital marketing, brand building, and music production assists in building legacies that can be marketed and distributed worldwide…

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