What We Do

Talent Management

Phame’s mantra is “dedicated and trusted artist/influencer management.” We focus on building energetic and long-term relationships with long-lasting legacies. With each influencer and/or artist signed, Phame adds another talent to its family and therefore another powerful connection for its current and future clientele to utilize. Are you ready to join the Phame Family and grow your brand legacy?

Music Production

Record at your next song and/or album at Phame Studios! We understand that your musical journey is unique. Passionate artist development is at the top of our priority list. Phame works very closely with our artist/influencers to ensure we match their creative vision, capture their vibe, and produce a quality/modern music product. Let us help you with producing, songwriting, mixing, mastering, and worldwide distribution.

Brand Marketing

Phame Records is a modern digital marketing agency in-touch with the ever-changing social media trends, media arts and music production. With aggressive and data-backed digital marketing, we focuse on building the artist/influencer’s image, brand, and clout. We do so through e-commerce, brand sponsorships, merchandise, website development, shout-outs, influencer marketing and so much more.